Our association is developing educational projects to promote Hateg Country.

– On going projects:

  • The House of Volcanoes
  • The Explorers – Childrens’ Clubs, from primary to secondary schools.
  • Volunteers for the Geopark – A project addressed especially to young people from Hateg Country

– Finished projects:

  • Building the ‘’House of dwarf dinosaurs’’ experimental museum located in Sanpetru village, Hunedoara county, in partnership with The University of Bucharest – The Dinosaurs Geopark of Hateg Country, Local Authorities from Santamaria Orlea, The Romanian Ecoturism Association, The Resource Center for Local Development and other organisations and volunteers. In the three rooms of the house that was a village’s pub in the past, the visitors can discover the story of the dinosaurs that populated this territory; they can also see and touch life-size bone and dinosaur models (reproductions). In one of the rooms there are also dinosaur-themed exhibits made by The Explorers from Santamaria Orlea School. This project was financed by The Partnership Foundation – Mol Romania, Hunedoara County Council and The University of Bucharest.
  • Organizing the Densus – Rachitova trail, which links the sites with Volcanos and Tethys Sea to The Medieval Tower from Rachitova village.
  • Branding and editing the touristic promotion materials of the Densus Commune

-Projects proposed for funding:

  • Building an Identity and Culture Point in Densuș with the help of The Explorers Club. This Cultural Point will help people to find out more about the biodiversity, geodiversity and local culture through their own experience. The children and other visitors will discover the wonders of this place through all their senses.
  • Building other three experimental museums in partnership with The Dinosaurs Geopark and the local authorities. These museums are called ‘’The House of the Carnivorous Plants’’, ‘’The House of Water and Stone’’ and ‘’The House of Volcanoes’’. Their goal, besides touristic purpose, is to promote and express the personality of the local community.

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