DDH love

Drag de Hațeg means „Love for Hațeg”.

We created this association because…

…we believe that Hațeg Region is a wonderful and unique place, which deserves to be (re)discovered because it has a lot of things to teach us,

…we believe that the best way to know a place is by directly experimenting it,

…we believe that through art, games and adventure we can interpret Hațeg Region in the best possible way,

…we believe that there is no age limit for creative learning and for finding out new things about the Earth and the people,

…we believe that the chance of the local community is intelligent tourism and the connexion to the natural environment,

…we believe that the inhabitants of Hațeg Region, children and grown-ups, must actively participate to the development of the region through voluntary work and entrepreneurship,

…we believe that the visitors can enjoy a unique and complete experience with the help of our trails, guided tours, workshops and educational programs.


Our association wants to rediscover and creatively interpret the stories and history of Hațeg Region, together with the inhabitants and the visitors, starting from the local natural and cultural values.


To promote Hațeg Region as a unique destination based on its natural and cultural values: the fauna with dwarf dinosaurs from Cretaceous, the ancient roman capital, medieval churches and castles etc.

To help consolidate the local and regional identity based on powerful symbols, unique in the world, using creative education

To use informal education to know, learn and experiment Hațeg Region, together with locals and visitors of all ages


We want to bring our contribution to the development of sustainable tourism, in a permanent balance with the environment, as the best tool for the welfare of the local community and for the sustainable development of the Hațeg Region.

In all our initiatives we are glad to have the support and cooperation of the Hațeg Country Dinosaurs Geopark, through a strategic partnership signed in 2013.

Our activities are made in connexion with other local partners, NGOs, educational and cultural institutions, local administrations and companies, to which we are deeply grateful.