Educational programs


The educational programs represent a complete learning experience through games and experiments both for children and grown-ups, for those who want to feel, to walk, to touch, to smell, to taste and to live the stories and history of the wonderful Hateg Country.

Examples of programs:

Dinosaurs, Volcanos and The Lost Sea (One day program)

The curious ones are invited into prehistoric times all the way back to Cretaceous to follow the Hateg Country dwarf dinosaurs’ footprints and to discover two lost worlds – The Volcanoes and The Thetys Sea.

The expedition starts at the House of Dwarf Dinosaurs in Sanpetru village and continues to the fossil sites on Sibișel Valley, where the visitors will find out how fossils are excavated, how dinosaur models are made and how to make their own discoveries (fossils, treasure hunts).

Then, the explorers will go onto The Volcano Road in Densuș village to look for the traces left by the eruptions and by the Thetys Sea, two elements of the tropical island that Hateg Country was once. To do that, the participants will become geologists for a few hours. They will discover the difference between volcanic and sedimentary rocks, they’ll find out about eruptions, they’ll be able to see lava, volcanic bombs, zeolites, traces of plants and prehistoric worms that dwelled on the bottom of this sea 65 million years ago.

A walk through the ages (Three day program)

A journey from the age of dinosaurs to the stories of present day local people, stories that pass through the ages of Dacians, Romans, Knights and Outlaws that wondered in the forests.

The program consists of visits to natural and cultural sites such as: the Carnivorous Plants Swamp in Pesteana village, Sarmizegetusa – the ancient Roman Capital, The Colț Fortress, Prislop Monastery and the Hațeg Country village museum; outdoors lessons, games and activities.

The offers include:

– professional guide, specialized in history/geography/geology/palaeontology, throughout all the visits

-the necessary materials for the educational programs

-a map and a brochure for each tourist

Other activities, accommodation, meals etc. may be organized by request.

Programs by request

The most adventurous of the Hateg Country travellers now have the opportunity to create their own programs depending on what they want to find out and experiment.

For details and bookings you may contact us at


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